unsupported media type

I get an error when refreshing my calendars from my calDav which is coming from my nextcloud server. This is realy annoying since it pops up every 10 minutes when the auto refresh pulls the data again. Funny thing is all calendar entrys are present and have seamingly no errors.

In the Protokoll section it prints:

<error xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:s="&lt;a alt=" href="http://sabredav.org/ns">" name="" rel="nofollow" target="" title="Link httpsabredavorgns" type="" value=""&gt;http://sabredav.org/ns"&gt;;<br alt="" name="" rel="" target="" title="" type="" value=""> <exception>Sabre\DAV\Exception\ReportNotSupported</exception>
  <message>The {DAV:}sync-collection REPORT is not supported on this url.</message>


Yes, there is an issue with that link in the event, so edit or delete the event.

I usually don’t recommend this, but for the second time in as many days, if it is working OK anyway, just disable the pop-up.