Unsubscribed IMAP Folder

How can i subcribe or unsubcribe an IMAP-Folder (like in Thunderbird) so that this Folder
are completly Hiden for the User (Not shown under ‘More’) ?

This is currently not supported and not planned.

This is important for people with many folders - where different folders are needed on different PCs/Windows tablets.

Hi, if you right click your account and select Show/hide folders you can at least hide folders locally, if you need to use a different setup on your computer.

Hope this helps,

Well that still makes eM Client download thousands and thousands of messages unnecessarily, sometimes on slow connections.

I am evaluating it for tablet use. 

Hi, unfortunately hiding the folders completely is not possible as my colleague mentioned previously, this is currently the only solution at the moment.

Also please note that eM Client is a windows only application at the moment and will run only on non-mobile processors.

Thank you for understanding, I’m sorry if this is an issue for you,

This is Win8 Atom tablet.

Ok, that should be fine then, but the hiding of IMAP folders is still unavailable.

Thank you for understanding,

I would like to have that feature as well. It should be a standard feature. I have a fairly large IMAP account, and not all messages need to be available on the machine.
I bought the Pro, but this could be a game changer. Didn’t see it before.