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I just now saw your informative post! Even though I’ve been an eMC user from v6 to now v8, I still do not know much about eMC. Do you know how to get eMC to display the much more detailed header for any particular email, just like Mozilla Thunderbird and earlier Eudora did?

I was answering your comment:
“For instance, eM Client doesn’t typically show originating server and routing info, which is one of the better indications of spoofed email…”

Gary, thanks for your explanation, I never knew that about Gmail!
Like Brent Spiner in Independence Day – I guess I need to get out more and read more!

I second this remark about the unsubscribe link getting (in my opinion) in the view.
It is an interesting feature, it would simply be better if there was a dismiss button or a “don’t ask again for this sender” option.
To rephrase it from a user experience point of view:
being asked is nice and might be useful
being asked over and over a question where the answer is always the same, “no thank you”, is slightly maddening. It takes up a bit of my brain RAM each time I display such a message.
And yes, it happens to me with very important subscription lists which I will never want to unsub from, like my employer’s announcements.
More generally, a customisable header would be great (I think there is something like that in Postbox, which – I feel compelled to state it before I am told to “go find something else, then” – I however enjoy far less than eM client).

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Thank you for the suggestion. I believe it is not that big deal to add an option to disable this Unsubscribe header in settings. I am adding it to our to do list for future versions. I am just a bit surprised this can be that annoying for some of you. The idea was to have a standard way how to unsubscribe from newsletters that act nicely (include the right header) and don’t waste time to find an unsubscribe link that can be placed anywhere (or nowhere) in the message.

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We’ve implemented this option and it is going to be included in the upcoming version 8.2.

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I can confirm this option is now available in the 8.2 beta.