Unsaved settings in "Columns Configuration..."

The folder “Inboxes” does not store / save the settings in “Columns Configuration…”, from one session to another. I tried 3 times. I think it’s a bug.
I use eM Client version 9.0.1708 (2cfb4a5).

I presume you mean “All Inboxes” in Favourites at the top left columns configuration.

If you do, that one doesn’t save like the others.

Same problem here on 9.1.2109. Not the “All Inboxes” in favorites. The one you enable separately in settings right above it. Keeps losing the column configuration. Please fix.

The column configuration for All Inboxes is the same as for Inboxes. So if you set the configuration in one, it will be duplicated in the other.

Thanks for the quick response but I/we are saying something else. On my system, each time I restart eM Client both the Inboxes and All Inboxes views lose the column settings I saved for them in the previous session and go back to the default which shows all the columns. Feels like a bug.

There were some instances where users reported that the settings were not retained on restart, and I believe the fix will be in a later release.

Awesome! Would be great to have fixed - kind of annoying.