Unreliable notifications

I use eM Client with a Microsoft 365 email account, because I need instant delivery of emails for my work. Most of the time, notifications pop up immediately. But some times, I hear notifications on my iPhone (I use the Outlook app there) but nothing from eM Client on my PC. It’s not that notifications don’t work; the email items themselves don’t arrive until much later, when I open the app.

If I need to open the app and click on “Refresh”, this defeats the whole purpose of having Exchange Online. Shouldn’t items arrive instantly? The account is set up correctly.

As a sidenote, does the “sync interval” in eM Client have any effect if one is not using POP or IMAP? This should have no effect on Exchange accounts, right?

The sync interval applies to POP3 accounts, calendars and contacts, and any IMAP folders other than the Inbox.

For IMAP the Inbox is synced in real-time, and for Exchange it syncs once per minute.

Is this true of IMAP in general? If this is the case, then I don’t need Microsoft Exchange for instant delivery of emails. I thought IMAP checked for new messages based on a schedule, and the shorter the interval the greater the battery drain.

eM Client uses IDLE (PUSH) IMAP, so that means that it waits for the server to announce a change in the Inbox. As a message arrives on the server, it immediately pushes a notification to the client.

Most IMAP servers use that, but occasionally you will come across an IMAP server that doesn’t use IDLE IMAP. In that case you will probably notice that eM Client only syncs with the server when you restart the application, because that method is not supported.

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