Unrealistic terms and conditions

I think the terms and conditions for eM Client seem too strict. They specify that users must promise to not break them. Considering how comprehensive and detailed they are, I think this is unrealistic; people sometimes make mistakes. For example, if someone gets annoyed at someone and sends an abusive e-mail, I agree that it’s wrong, but the terms and conditions would make this not only an issue of being bad towards someone else, but also an issue of dishonesty and promise-breaking. Requiring people to make such an extreme promise seems very unforgiving and lacking in understanding of human nature; people make mistakes.

I think it would be more suitable if users would only be required to agree that they understand that eM Client shouldn’t be used for bad purposes. Having them promise not to do anything wrong is unrealistic and condemning for people who actually care about what they say or agree to. I figure that these terms and conditions would end up locking out honest people because they wouldn’t agree. Instead, people who simply don’t care about what they agree to will probably end up using the software instead.

I have spent a lot of time investigating personal information managers, and this one looks like it could be the best one overall to me, but I think that the terms and conditions are a major flaw of the product.

Well, I cannot help you with this problem. I have forwarded your request to our CEO.