[ unread / total items / size ]

I’d like to have the [ unread / total ] items show for each folder (and in the case of draft/outbox/sent that would probably mean unsent vs. unread) and have it totaled up for each email account.

If you wanted to hit a grand-slam home run on this feature request you could also add MB or GB to the notation - example: [ 12 / 324 / 0.45GB] - 12 unread/unsent/un"acted upon" in the context of the folder they are sitting in, 324 total items in that folder using a total of about 1/2 GB of storage.

And again, totaled for each email account.

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Yes, the size of each folder would be very useful for some users.

The unread/total is already there, displayed in the title bar. Totals and unread counts are per folder though, and not per account. I guess if it was something you really needed, you could create a search folder to display the contents of all folders for the account.