Unread messages for inbox only

Is it possible for the “Unread” to only reflect the Inbox and not include messages that have been moved to other folders?

I receive a million articles/newsletters every day and dump those into a folder for review at a later time. I don’t want those to show up in my “unread” folder, I only want to see messages that are unread in my inbox.



you can make you own custom search folder for this.

In search field there is magnifying glass and next to it is small gray arrow, click on it and select “create search folder” name it and okay.

then under smart folder right click on created folder select properties and there you can set filter what folders only it should show :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. I see where I can filter folders and select only the inbox (after I have created a new search folder), but how do I indicate that I only want to see unread messages in the inbox and not all of the messages in the inbox?

Sorry, you cannot choose which folders will be included in the global Unread folder at the moment. Yet we plan to make this possible into one of the next updates.