Unread mail not showing in Smart Folder

I’m currently test driving the eM Client 6.0 (on an IMAP account and Gmail) and I’m very impressed. The only thing that does not seem to be working 100% is the Unread Smart Folder. It only seems to be showing the unread items in the respective inboxes and ignoring all the other subscribed folders. When I scroll down the folder list, I see that a folder has unread mail because there is a grey oval with three white dots in it. But it does not tell me how many mails until I actually click on the folder itself. Only then the number of unread mails appears by the folder and simultaneously in the Unread Smart Folder. Seeing as the point of the Unread Smart Folder is to inform me of unread mails without me having to search for them, this seems a bit counterintuitive. There is obviously a problem with the way the subscribed folders are being updated. But this is important for me as I have a lot of different clients whose mails are automatically sent into their respective folder rather than the inbox.

I’m trialling eM Client too, so I’m still learning what it can do.

My guess is that the Unread smart folder only looks in inbox-and-below folders, so if you have other top-level folders configured on the account, they get missed.

I have all of my folders configured locally under the inbox so it isn’t an issue to me. It would be good to have more ability to configure what is shown in the smart folders, and how it is shown, though.

You could probably achieve what you need by creating a search folder in the smart folders.

I have done that to give me an unread view with one account excluded, which I rarely need to check even though it receives a lot. That is something else not possible in the standard Unread folder, and even using a rule to mark messages in that account as read immediately on arrival does not stop them showing in the Unread folder if the Unread folder is being viewed when such messages arrive.

It was a bit of a pain having to select fifty-ish folders to include, when all I wanted to do was exclude one account.

You would also need to update the search folder every time you add an account or folder. The unread email counter is also missing. It isn’t an ideal solution.

I still prefer this to Outlook so far though.

You are probably right. I tried creating my own search folder, but with the same result (with the property “All Folders”). Surely that should theoretically check all folders and not just sub-folders of the respective in-boxes, shouldn’t it? It works in Outlook and Thunderbird (and K9 on my Android phone), so why not here? Curious.
I also agree that a little more flexibility with the config of the smart folders might be useful.
And I also agree that this software (despite the glitch) is so far proving to be preferable to Outlook. I have been using Outlook 2007 with no problems for several years on IMAP, but recently it’s just gone haywire. And Outlook 2013 is not a viable solution as it is catastrophically bad with IMAP. eM Client looks to be a winner in my book. I will certainly consider buying the full version when the trial is over.

I think I have solved this problem. It seems to be down to the way eM handles synchronization. Standard inboxes are synchronized automatically and thus their unread mail appears in the Unread smart folder. Other folders are checked, but their unread mail is not downloaded. Instead, the program marks that there is new mail by leaving a symbol (grey oval with three dots) next to the folder. The unread mail is not downloaded until you click on the folder itself (and subsequently appears simultaneously in the Unread smart folder). To ensure that eM Client synchronizes a non-inbox folder, you have to right-click on the folder and select properties where you will find a tab called “Offline”. In the Offline tab, if you select “Download messages for offline use” (there is no need to select the sub-option “Include attachments and images”) then the headers will automatically be fetched during every mail synch and unread mails now appear in the Unread smart folder. Thus you can select which folders are important to you and which ones can be ignored. It turns out it’s quite a good trick, although it is not particularly intuitive.

Yes, this is behaviour of IMAP folders. It works like this in every email software because it is how is IMAP designed.

Anyway I understand that you were able to solve your issue so I am marking this as solved.


No, it doesn’t work like this in every e-mail software. I think that’s the point. In Outlook and Thunderbird the algorithm for unread mail takes in every subscribed folder. I have just found a workaround that works for me. This may be in fact what the other programs do for you, but it would be nice if this function were a little more intuitive/user-friendly.

Thank you for sharing your view on our product with us I have noted and sent it to discuss, but I don’t promise anything to be changed.
Anyway could you tell me what kind of workaround you have found?


The one described above :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile: