Unread font

Is there any way to change unread font on messages list? I would like to change title color to something more visible.

Is it possible to do it in Theme? I can not find proper xml tag.

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changing the font color for unread message is not possible at this time. The yellow dot on the left is there for additional ‘color’ to point out the message is unread.

I know this is an old thread, but the issue is still there. On a dark there it’s almost impossible to notice new mails by their looks. You have to specifically look for the orange dot, and for some reason that still doesn’t register for me after a year of usage.
The ability to have a few extra options in the theme to change the text color of unread mail or to be able to set the text size a bit larger (or bold) would be enough I think. Maybe I’m thinking too simple, but to me that doesn’t sound like a big change :slight_smile:

Love the new version though.


Just want to up-vote this. A few extra options for font - text color, other basic font adjustments - in the Settings would be a big help. I’m spending too much time trying to adjust themes, researching, all that for what could be (I think) a straightforward setting.

Also love this version, and planning on moving the whole org here from Outlook. Thanks!


I vote for this feature too.