Unread folder in 7 no longer shows source folder, so can't group on it any more

Hi.  I just upgraded from 6 to 7 today, and noticed something odd about the unread smart folder, which I use ALL THE TIME (in fact it’s my primary interface).  I have a lot of folders and get a lot of mail, and have a lot of rules which filters incoming mail into my folders.  Depending on the folder, the mail has different priority for me.  In 6, you could choose to see the column in the unread smart folder for the source folder the mail is in.  You could sort by this, so all the unread mail in each folder would be shown together.

With this gone, it’s a really big problem for me, and I may need to roll back to 6.  All the mail is jumbled in together.  Was it really necessary to remove this functionality?  Is it even removed, or do I need to look for it somewhere else? 


Hello Adrien,

I understand that the change of interface can be confusing sometimes, click on sort button then choose “account”, you should have your emails sorted by mailbox.
You can view location of the email by clicking to email body>properties, i can show you in which folder is that specific message contained.
Also if you turn conversations off in “Menu>Tools>Settings>Mail>Read>Disable conversations” it should be okay.
Please let me know if it helps.

Kind regards