Unread emails counter???

I just installed eM for the first time, and it’s attractive. But one thing that makes no senseinthe Unread count in Smart Folders. It lists 1,500+ unread emails, but by going to my accounts there are none. Is this a known bug?

No, this is not a known bug.  Are you by chance looking at the number on the top bar?  This is not unread messages, but the total message count.  Unread messages appear in the folder pane next to the account.

No, unfortunately this is the number directly to the right of “Unread” in “Smart Folders”

Is this an IMAP account or POP3?

I have 2 accounts: hotmail (MSN, not Exchange) and gmail

That is certainly strange.  I have not seen this behavior nor have I seen it as an issue in the forums.

I have seen on occasion when adding an IMAP account that all the previously read emails now show as unread.

Bob, are these emails in your Unread folder?

If you select the folder and choose Mark all messages as read , does the problem persist?

Most of them cleared away, but for an equally inexplicable reason, it know shows 13 unread emails, even though the folder is empty. Can I somehow reset the folder without deleting it?

You can right-click on the folder and choose Properties > Repair.

I just posted that I had the same problem but then looked closer and realised that the unread e-mails were sitting in a junk folder in a couple of my accounts. These don’t show up in the unread folder as they are “locked” to the junk folder. Empty the junk folder and the unread number disappears. Worth checking if you have the same issue.