Unread emails appear TWICE.

Not sure how to ask in short, so will have to explain my problem (if it is a problem) with a lots of words!
So, for example i have 2 unread emails, but i need to read old email, that is no more inside the folder INBOX, because i use the app MAILBOX on my iPhone, and i have moved the old emails to ALL MAIL folder. So i have to go to folder ALL MAIL and look for what i need.
And this is the moment when my troubles start!
When i go back to the UNREAD folder i have my 2 unread emails TWICE…
Guess how does it feel when i have 10 unread emails…

Is that something i can fix?

Hi, could you tell me what email provider and what protocol do you use?


Hi Jan,

For the protocol I am not very sure, but i think it is IMAP.

Hi, newest information on this issue is that developers are working on it, we were able to simulate it to we have all information needed for its solution.

There is no exact ETA, but it should be released in one of the upcoming patches.


Thank you, Jan!

you are welcome.