Unread email count error

There is frequently an error in the unread email count for “all inboxes” since last update.
See below…

Note none are bold. Stopping EMC and restarting, the error goes away.

what version are you currently using? Can you check the full number in Menu>Help>About?
The latest current version is http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.0.27943/setup.msi
Make sure you don’t have an older version.


I have 7.0.27943.0

After your last email was read. I clicked on “All Inboxes” and the error showed one unread. After deleting your last email, it showed 0 unread. This should point you to the problem.

Hello Jim,
what mail account does this happen with?
What happen when you try to sort your messages by Unread first?


This account. It is sorted unread first.

And the error happened again on your last email.

This time I deleted the next to last of your emails and it too corrected the unread count

‘Unread count’ is an issue since stone age. I complained, others complained, you complained - to no avail. I even made a video for Ms Rust that shows exactly what’s going on - she never viewed it. She just abandoned the thread. That’s going to happen here too.

This is the third or fourth issue I’ve had with EMC. I’m moving on. Any Recommendations?