Unread count shown in folders view incorrect/stuck in Beta Build

I am finding using the beta build for em Client 7 that the “unread” email count gets stuck… I have narrowed down what I believe to be the steps to replicate when I see this, so here goes:

1: I am using emClient 7 on 1 computer, using IMAP to my gMail account.
2: On my iPhone I have the built in email client linked to same gmail account.

So here is what happens using this setup. On my desktop computer, emClient 7 has synched and downloads 4 unread messages… and displays that count next to the “inbox” in the folders view.

Meanwhile, on my iPhone, I have gone in and downloaded and seen the messages, and read them, and deleted them completely.

Back on my computer. emClient properly updates that the messages are no longer there and empties them from the inbox, however, the unread count never clears… gMail on the server has it correct but no matter what I do, I cannot clar that unread count…

Hello Andrew,
thank you for your feedback, the unread counter is broken and we are aware of this issue.
It will be fixed in next release of the BETA.


Thank you very much Olivia, I look forward to the next BETA release!