Unknown version number in release history

I am trying to migrate history from old desktop to new laptop.  Old desktop had eClient version7.2.33888.0 which I need to install on laptop in order to bring across data.  I cannot find this version number in your release history.  HELP!

The latest version will work just fine with any 7.2.x databases.

Thanks for replying but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I am doing this for a friend so don’t have access right now. What I did was install latest version on new laptop, Win 10, and then copied the entire eClient folder from old Win 7 desktop to an external drive. When I tried to import from the drive to the laptop it wouldn’t work. Can’t remember the exact message. Could there be an issue with an activation code or is that only needed for pro version? Am stuck right now.

You don’t import. Just copy the C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder from the old computer to the new.

Or, an even better way is to backup eM Client on the old computer (Menu > File > Backup), then copy the zip file to the new one and restore (Menu > File > Restore).

If there is a Free License activated on the old computer, you need to first deactivate it (Menu > Help > License), then activate it on the new computer.

Now that sounds like a good plan! Will let you know how I got on after my next attempt.

Gary - all is working well now. Thanks very much for your help.