Unknow folder "Outbox" created at server

I have setup eM Client with IMAP and SMTP. Normaly, there is no folder called “Outbox” available. Standard folders are only “Send Items”, “Drafts”, “Trash”, “Spam”, “Archiv”. These are systemfolders, dictaed by the IMAP server setup. I know there is a folder “Outbox”, where mails should be managed, before they are sent and moved to the folder “Sent Items”. But this “Outbox” folder should be only visible locally. But when i send an email, this folder will be created in the IMAP folder structure at the server and not only locally.

How can i prevent the creation of this folder in the imap folder structure at the server? It should be only created and used locally in the client itself.

As far as I know, eM Client shows this folder because the server announces it is in the structure.

With the release of eM Client 8, this Outbox folder was automatically hidden away in the More folder as it has no practical use in the email client.

If you don’t want to see it, your server may allow you to specify which folders are visible to IMAP.

I have an answer from the support. This folder is created by eM Client itself, to make sure that an E-Mail is send not multiple times. It is created by eM Client at server level and can’t be hidden. Thats why i see this folder also when i connect to the same server and account with other clients like Thunderbird or Webmail like Roundcube. There is no solution as of know. Hopefully they find an other way in future versions, as this folder is a little bit annoying at least for me. No other client creates such a folder. But on the other hand, eM Client is the best E-Mail client which im aware.

To hide the folder in eM Client, right-click on it and choose Hide. The folder will be hidden in the More folder as I already mentioned.