Unite 'em Client' and 'em Client Softmaker' flavours

As is, em Client and em Client Softmaker (version 4.0.14…, 4.0.15…), although exactly the same piece of software, are treated as two distinct programs when installing. This can lead to large distress when updating an em Client Softmaker version with an em Client version. It simply does a parallel installation, not recognizing the other flavour, nor license or database. One ends up with a seemingly empty mail database, unless you dig deeper to see the other executable with the same name, same icon.

Instead of providing an extra flavour for Softmaker Office with their own installation path why not distributing exactly the same or advising the installer to look for the Softmaker version?

nobody had such a problem before and in fact, anything horrible has happened. You wrote to our ticketing support system and did not mention that you use eM Client for softmaker. My colleague sent you “wrong” version but now when this misunderstanding was explained I think everything is OK.

Dear George
I did use “em Client”. As that the icon appears, em Client in the Softmaker suite does NOT appear as re-branded version.

Its not the customers but the vendors/programmers responsibility to distinguish between proprietary and re-branded without re-branding sign version. It is ridiculous, that em Client will install itself parallel to em Client (Softmaker brand without clearly saying so) without testing that.