Unintentional zoom in email preview is driving me nuts

Two-finger scrolling on my trackpad is activating zoom in the preview pane of the mail section of the program. How can I disable this functionality that seems to only be happening in eM client? I’ve already turned off accessibility features and trackpad zoom.

could you please try if it happens in Internet Explorer too?

I am experiencing the same problem with an ASUS notebook when using two-finger scrolling. It does not happen in Internet Explorer or any other program.

Please try to hold Ctrl when using two finger scrolling and let me know what happens.

The same happens: Also when holding the control key while using two-finger scrolling, at each new onset on the touchpad for a new scroll movement, the zoom increases in the mail preview. It is really a pity!

I am sorry, but I cannot provide any solution at the moment - we need to investigate it further.

I have a two-weeks old Asus K95VM Notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium x64 - in case that these data help. Good luck to your developers!
By the way: I came across your eM Client trying the German Softmaker Office Suite.

While just evaluating different mail clients I noticed that the current Pegasus mail client has exactly the same problem! Obviously, it uses the same underlying component.

Just to report that in my desktop Dell this thing is happening to me as well. This pc doesn’t have the 2 fingers thing capability but the issue is present though. Em Client does not have on its menu anything related to zoom in/out adjustments so I don’t know what to do. If you have any recent solution for this problem I’d appreciate TONS you share it!

Hi, do you see in right top corner icon with “touch gesture” ?


Hello, where exactly do you mean? Could you plz screenshoot it?

Here is screenshot of what I mean.

Hum…, nope! I’ve never seen that! This is a screenshot of my EMC header:

On the other hand, I’ve been playing around with the Ctrl+ and Ctrl- keyboard functions and that works, but what I don’t know is “WHICH IS” the 100% zoom level. Meaning, should be a command to select something like “reset zoom to 100%”.


ctrl + 0 resets zoom to default, that is implemented for a long time already.


Ok thanx…