Uninstall/reinstall emclient

If I uninstall eMclient and then reinstall it, will lose any data?


During the uninstall, you will be asked if you want to delete the data, If you select No, then it will still be there after the reinstall.


But you can always make a backup using Menu > Backup, just to be sure.

Thanks Gary,

Will the new installation remember IMAP, etc., settings?

Yes, as long as you DON’T delete the database directory everything will be there.

Thanks Gary. Happy Thanksgiving.

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The text in my incoming emails has suddenly shrunk to tiny. Should I uninstall/reinstall, and if so, how please ?

Use Ctrl + 0 to reset the zoom. You can also use Ctrl + mouse wheel, while hovering over the message text, to zoom in and out to a comfortable size.

Fantastic - thank you so much x

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Is there a way to backup this database folder (and where is the location) if I want to wipe/reimage my computer?

Yes, the option is Menu > Backup.

This will create a zip file in your …\Documents\eM Client\ folder which you can copy to an external device.

Once you have redone Windows, copy the file back to that location, install eM Client and use Menu > File > Restore.