Uninstall issue

I tried emailing em client about this but they didn’t respond so I guess I’ll post it here:
I had my Gmail and optimum emails connected to em client on my computer but hadn’t used it in a long time so I decided to delete it since my computer was old and slow. However, in deleting the program it deleted all my emails from both accounts. Everything. Years worth. I’m extremely upset about this so want to know - is there any way to recover them?
If not, this is a huge flaw with the software because nowhere in uninstalling the program was I warned it would delete my emails as well - not only from my computer but from their individual servers online as well! When this many files get deleted there should be a failsafe or something.

The uninstall routine does not delete the email database, but you can only access it from eM Client.  My suggestion is to reinstall eM Client and export them as .eml files (menu/file/export).  They can then be imported into another program.

Since eM Client, like most email clients, uses a proprietary databases, it would be difficult to leave them accessable by other clients after uninstall.

It’s just lucky that eM Client does not delete the database during uninstall.