Unified Inbox+tag Smart Folder?

I don’t think I’m missing anything here, but just to make sure. Use tags a ton in my workflow. I wanted the Unified Inbox, but would also love to see things -not- in the Inbox with specific tags. I can see the Unified Inbox. I can do a Smart Folder that searches all folders for a specific tag. Is there any way to combine those together? If I alter the folders in Smart Folder it’s an AND vs an OR combination?

Right-click on Search Folders and create a New Search Folder.
(If Search Folders are not visible below Favorites, enable them by selecting Menu > Settings > General > Show Search Folders)

In the section for Folder: change that from All folders to Custom selection, then select all the Inboxes or whatever folders you want to include.

In the section for Tag, select the tag that you want to filter on.

Select to include Archives, if you want.

Give it a name and click on OK.

No, I get that. But that only does “Work” from the 4 Inboxes you selected. Not -all- of the Inbox plus “Work”. For instance, I was wanting an “OR” condition (ie in any of the Inboxes OR tagged as “Work”) vs the “AND” condition it is right now (ie will show you things with “Work” tag but only from those folders [or could be all folders/archives]).

One way or the other, am looking to have a “single pane of glass” that shows me all my Inboxes from 3 different businesses so I know to respond. I can color, tag, etc all those as needed. But I also need to monitor ongoing projects to circle back to, etc (say for instance) in a list -below- all the inboxes so I can easily move from “active” to “pending”, try to maintain Inbox Zero for handling new issue triage, etc.

Anyway, what I need is a Smart Folder of 3 Inboxes plus a Smart Folder of “work” from -any- folder anywhere combined together in a folder/window?