Unformatted answered emails

When I answer an e-mail the format of the messange is broken.

Before being sent or on the recipient end?

When a click on reply the text of the message lose the html format.

Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Mail format: here you can select the format of the reply.

My settings already is set with HTML for replays, but does not work.
Below three prints:

  • My settings screen.
  • A random message with problem “writing”
  • A random message with problem “Received”

If the issue is that the table borders have been removed, this has already been fixed and will be in the next service release.

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Do you know when the next release will be published?


Do you know when the next release will be published ?

eM Client V9 Beta 2 for Windows has just been released so hopefully official release is not too far away.

Check the blog page which will normally have when officially released. The Official Blog | eM Client

Ps If you do want to try the V9 Beta backup first via “Menu / Backup” just incase you need to restore.

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