Unfold the "More"-Container in left sidebar on start

Hey there,

according to the title, I’m asking if it’s possible, to completely unfold the left sidebar. When I start the eM Client, there are several folders on the left side. As you see in the picture
there’s always this last entry with the little arrow-thing-symbol. Klicking it, unfolds the remaining folders. Well, I guess it’s a bit needless to describe that, as you all know this.
Is there an option for “keeping this arrow-thing-symbol clicked” for the next program start up?

Thanx a lot!

The folder display is controlled by the folder settings.

Right-click each folder and choose 1 of the 3 items, SHOW, HIDE, SHOW IF UNREAD:

I prefer the SHOW IF UNREAD as it keeps the folder display neat and tidy… but the choice is yours… if you want ALL the folders to be displayed use SHOW

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The purpose of the More folder is to hide folders that you not ordinarily want to see, therefore by design it will be collapsed.

If there are folders you do want to see, then follow @sunriseal’s instructions for showing them.

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Thanks everybody! Tried anything and everything but right-clicking the FOLDERS ITSELF… :sweat_smile: :man_facepalming: :joy:

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