Undo send for 10/20/30 seconds like Gmail or Mailbird

I have seen this has been asked for before but mixed up with the “delayed send” option that is present in the 7 RC…

What I am asking for is a possibility to “undo” sending of any e-mail for a short amount of time. Gmail has this and it can be set to different timeframes up to 30 seconds. In Mailbird it is always 30 seconds I think.

The client would actually delay sending for that timeframe on sending any e-mail and offer a small button or shortcut to get the mail back to editing and not send it yet. If the button is not pressed the mail goes out and is actually sent.

It would not necessarily have to go back to editing, it could be held back as a draft and be reopened for editing - or deleted completely.

As I believe this has been asked for before but mixed up I believe there is quite some interest in that feature.

If implemented I believe it should be an option not a forced feature. It would be great but not crucial to be able to choose the timeframe. If fixed I would ask for 30 seconds as that is a reasonable timeframe to realize and error and react in time. On the other hand it is not too long to wait for if one wants the mail to go out right away. If there is to be shortcut it should be editable but initially Ctrl-Z would be a great option as the “global” undo - shortcut.

I second this.

At least there is a workaround: 

You could uncheck “Send messages immidiatly” and always hit the sync button manually.

[http://www.emclient.com/webdocumentation/en/7.0/eMClient/Default.htm#Settings/Send.htm%3FTocPath%3DS…](http://www.emclient.com/webdocumentation/en/7.0/eMClient/Default.htm#Settings/Send.htm%3FTocPath%3DSettings| _____ 16 “Link http//wwwemclientcom/webdocumentation/en/70/eMClient/DefaulthtmSettings/Sendhtm3FTocPath3DSettings7C_____16”)

Correct, however, not perfect 'cause you can forget to send the e-mails later.

Don’t know though if emClient warns about unsend messages when shutting down.

My eM Client warns me if there are unsent messages in the ‘Outbox’ when I want to close eM Client (version 6).

Or do you mean when shutting down your PC, when eM Client is still open?

The Mailbird implementation has a slider which allows you to delay sending in increments of 5 seconds, up to a maximum of 30 seconds. I usually set this to the max value of 30 seconds.

I absolutely love this feature in Mailbird and tend to use it a lot, just a simple delay in seconds (like 5 to 30). Would love to see this implemented in Em Client.

I absolutely need that feature. Along with an actual functioning calendar, and by functioning I mean HTML or at least rich text…I mean come on it’s 2018 for crying out loud. Without that email client is useless to me and I paid for the pro version, so I am not griping at something that’s free

Unless your email provider delays delivering messages, there is no way to undo send. With any decent provider, within milliseconds of uploading through SMTP, the message is on the receiver’s server. And if the recipient is using IMAP like most of us, the message will already be synced to their device. How will you manage to undo that? Better to look at the delayed send option, then you have a grace period to cancel the send before it happens. 

Robert, can you explain a little about what is preventing your calendar from functioning? By HTML, I guess you are referring to formatted text in the description field of the calendar. Which provider is offering this feature, and with which calendar client are you able to view the formatting?