Undo does not take table drawing into account, odd insert placement

Hey all, I just got stung by this. Make a table in an HTML email. Type into it. Choose the insert column then delete column, because it doesn’t delete or insert where it should (it is appending, not inserting, and does at times insert). Either way, once a mistake is made, undo does not restore the issue. I would ask that the table operations become part of the undo stack. Just trying to make the product better!

What i found with using eM Client for Mac V9.2.2041

if i create a table 6 x 3 as in the below example and then click in the eg: third column,

if i then type in the word “Test”, the column automatically widens as in the second screenshot below. This appears to be a bug as the column shouldn’t automatically expand like that.

If i then insert a column, the new column then appears “on the left” of the Test column.

If i then press Undo, the word Test disappears, and the new column i created stayed there, which also appears to be a bug. The column should have removed, and the word Test should have stayed there.

Replicated this over and over.

Thank you! Yes that’s a very well thought out actionable post. Much appreciated.