Undo Automatically Dowlnoad Images

How can I Undo “always download pictures from this sender” when I accidentally clicked on that option.

I no longer want to “always download images” from this specific sender anymore. Or just block one sender as untrusty for automatically downloading images.

I tried Settings > Mail > Privacy > Show whitelist - but sender is not listed there.

Normally the allowed picture sender should be in the “Show Whitelist” which sounds like something may have possibly gone wrong when the program updated previously. If you have a recent eM Client backup when you know the whitelist was there, you could try restoring via “Menu / File / Restore”.

Failing that, the only option i can think of is to click “Clear Sender Whitelist” to start a new whitelist which will then ask you to allow pictures the next time to click on that senders email.

Above show whitelist are 3 what to block options. the recommended option is not to block. the second is to not block if they are in your contact list. Is that a possibility?

Hello, thanks for your reply.
I have checked the first option - Block all except the white list.
I tried to erase the white list, but with no change.

Hello, thanks for your reply.
I don’t have a backup from the previous version.
I already cleared the sender white list, but pictures are still showing :frowning:

Will it help to do backup - and reinstall the application?

The privacy option blocks access to external linked content, so this probably means that these images are embedded in the message.