Undisclosed Recipients Issue


Occasionally, emails from folks using Office 365 with my address as a CC or BCC will show up with the “to” as “undisclosed recipients”. When viewing the emails in my webmail (SmarterMail), they show up with the correct “to” addresses (other people, not me). Screenshots of the same email are below.

eM Client
Screenshot 2020-12-29 101913

Screenshot 2020-12-29 102448

I queried a similar behavior with eM Client Support, and I was told that when using IMAP the recipient information is displayed as the server presents it to eM Client, and not what is actually in the message. Other email clients do this differently and take the information from the email header instead.

They say the issue is with the server and not eM Client.

Thank you for your response, Gary.

I’m using ActiveSync but maybe their answer is the same. If it is, I’d argue with it because Outlook on my phone uses ActiveSync and it’s showing the correct “to” information.

eM Client doesn’t use ActiveSync. If the account is on an Exchange server like Office 365, but is accessed through IMAP then AirSync is used to sync contacts and events only. Messages are still synced via IMAP.

My apologies, I’m using Exchange Web Services with eM Client. I’ll have to setup an EWS client other than eM Client and see what happens with these messages.

Would be interesting to see the outcome.

To take the server out of the equation, but keeping within eM Client, right-click on one of these messages and choose Save As. Then go to Menu > Settings > General and make sure that Show Local Folders is selected. Now go to Windows Explorer and drag the eml file you saved to the Local Folder Inbox. The header should appear correct as it is not being parsed from a server.

It still shows “undisclosed recipients”. Viewing the EML as a text file, the to header shows “undisclosed-recipients”. I’m going to turn on verbose logging on my server and see if it’ll show me what header is sent to eM Client.

You should open a support ticket with eM Client as it could be something different to what I experienced.