Undeliverable mail nagging errors

Why can’t we have an Undeliverable folder so that mail that is hitting a wall at the other end will stop forcing an error message every single time emClient refreshes? Once the user has acknowledged the problem, it shouldn’t nag and interrupt other work. In my case I get the same errors every 30 minutes, and have for months.

I haven’t tried it, but it sounds like this might be possible by setting up a local rule based on:
“After messages have been received, move messages with words in subject to a folder” where “undeliverable” is in the subject line?

I agree, this would be the bandaid, but as an analyst I know bandaids cause more problems. Once an error has been set to IGNORE, it should not be reappearing. That, to me, is a bug or a design issue.

eM Client has sent the message successfully, and your server has accepted it. So the job of the sending application is done. What happens after that is between your server and the recipient’s server. If the message can’t be delivered to its final destination, that is something you will need to take up with the recipient.

But these are simply messages you are receiving from a server just like any other message you receive. If you don’t want it in your Inbox, you will need to create a Rule as @RobinW says. It is not a bug in the sending application because the recipient’s server can’t receive the message, nor is it a bug in the sending application that message arrive in your Inbox.

emClient displays errors, if found, every time it ‘refreshes’. Right? If it can’t send a message it errors, right? One can click IGNORE, right? Well, then, why doesn’t it? Every 30 minutes I refresh, and every 30 minutes I get the error with the same errors that it has been reporting. There are two messages in the outbox that are undeliverable in some way, emClient recognises it, they are not sent, they cannot be sent, but I didn’t want to delete them for legal reasons. I had to do so, against my best judgement, because emClient doesn’t hive stop erroring on specific messages when told to ignore them. Giving the user the ignore option, but not actually ignoring the error, and then repeatedly reporting it is just mean.

So this is not an undeliverable message, but there is some issue with uploading it to your server?

The error will be displayed every time the application tries to upload it and it fails. That is so you can delete the message from the Outbox or fix the problem. If you don’t want to delete it, move it to another folder, but is there any point in keeping a message you tried to send, but didn’t? Rather fix the issue, which is displayed in the error and then resend it.

I have to hold an ‘undeliverable’ message until the university IT team fixes the problem. It’s a test. I need to know when the fix happens so I can take the next step in a cooperative project where I am waiting on them to complete a dependency.

It’s like yahoo. I frequently get validation errors when collecting mail. Not always, just often enough to aggravate me with the error message. If I acknowledge a message, I don’t want to see it again in 30 minutes.

If mail messages could be moved from pending to completed instead of the inbox (!!!), if search wasn’t as soft and inaccurate so that it can’t be used for deletions and filing, if alarms didn’t go off over 30 hours after they were scheduled, etc etc, then using emClient for PIM wouldn’t be the counter-efficiency lottery that it is right now.

Undeliverable means your email server can’t deliver it to the recipients mail server. That has nothing to to do with the email application, as it has already successfully uploaded it to your server, so sent. What happens after that is beyond the responsibility or ability of the email application.

emClient controls what it does with the stored mail messages. I’m suggesting that if I click clear on an error message for a specific mail message that it means I don’t want to see that message again for that message until I change it, e.g., change the address, select it to be manually sent immediately.

EDIT: What I’m requesting is that when I select Ignore, under the error for a specific message, emClient takes that on board and does not keep nagging me about that message, as opposed to clear, where the message log is simply cleared, but the message will reoccur. An alternative might be to have an ‘undeliverable’ folder. The user can hit resend on them, otherwise they can sit, counted, in a folder waiting for the problem to be fixed.