Unauthorized to read my Yahoo account?

I can not sync with yahoo since a week or so. It tells me im not unauthorized to get in…

In Chrome i can get in easlily with the passwordt etc.  Any pointers are very welcome!

I reinstalled already and unchecked agenda and calender as well.

For almost a week now, I am getting the same. Two different Yahoo email accounts. But no errors in the diagnostics and just hitting cancel lets it carry on fine. Any ideas?

I have found this prob… login your yahoo account from browser (pc) 
go to your “option” -> Account Info
go to -> security account option
activate / registering your mobile number (you will it need)
activate your -> 2 steps verification -> activate your code that you got on mobil phone
go to -> manage app passwords
choice option “other applicatition”
write in “EM Client”

you get created an extra new passwort for this em client app

go to EM CLIENT Software and switch your new password on yahoo login password


Thanks for helping out!! Indeed i turned on 2 step verification last week. Something back in my mind already screemed it had to do with that, but was hard to imagine for some reason. But to find the right options takes a patient person like you i guess. Indeed Yahoo made things that difficult it seems.

Thanks again.


Thanks for that, Dustere.
It worked on the unrecognised desktop, and hopefully on the unrecognised laptop which is used all over the planet.
How foolish, to require a password you didn’t create and couldn’t possibly remember.