Unable to view live photos

Hello !

I zoomed in because I can’t see well.
I can’t scroll through the photos??
I have to view them one after the other or save them.
Do you have a solution for scrolling photos in EM Client?
thank you for your collaboration

Are these Inline or attachment images and what res are they ?

If they are all attachments I normally save all the attachments at one go to my local hard-disk and open them all with my external preferred OS image editor.

Or if they are only all inline and not attached you need to either (right click) on each image on the email body and zoom in or out & resize that way if you like, or via hovering your mouse over the top left of images and clicking on each image to resize the image you get what you want.

Also Hold the Ctrl and Mouse scroll wheel at the same time and the message and mail body etc will auto zoom in and out as well.

Also Ctrl 0 to reset or Ctrl + and Ctrl - when you click in the body of new or existing emails also zooms stuff in and out too. Might help you.

Lastly if the images received are not attached or inline and you are waiting for eg: remote images that are not appearing could be your current mail server via IMAP or Exchange, iCloud is delayed. If it still then doesn’t show in that case contact your ISP or mailbox provider.

Note the only other reason is in eM Client V8 or V9 “Menu / Settings / Mail / Privacy” you may have blocked images by default viewing. So check what eM Client settings you have too. You can open that up or allow any remote images with or without privacy whichever way you like. You can now even block remote cookies in emails arriving there.