Unable to view content of NRA-ILA e-mail alerts (blank)

Win-7 Pro - Up to date!
EMClient - latest version

On August 29th, I started receiving blank e-mail alerts from NRA-ILA. Up until that date, I was able to open and read the e-mails. Since Aug 29th, the e-mails are blank. Did EMClient change something in an update that could have caused this problem? I have contacted the NRA-ILA but it seems improbable that they would have created this problem and have done nothing about it in the interim. Other recepients of their e-mail alerts would surely have complained, as well as myself. It is my surmise that it has to be something in the EMClient program.

we have not changed anything so it is most probably caused by incorrect formatting of the messages. If you want, I can check it if you send me one of the messages saved as .eml. Let me know please.

[email protected]

Example message sent via e-mail.
Thanks for your help!

I have not received anything yet, but will get back to you as soon as I finish the message analysis.

Evidently you didn’t receive the e-mail message! Tell me how you want me to get it to you and I will.
I had the messages go to “Live Mail” and the messages are fine. Either there’s a problem with EM Client or my messages from the NRA are being censored!
Please help


send it to me to [email protected] woth this topic’s URL in subject using eM Client or webmail interface :slight_smile: