Unable to verify my registration after a clean reinstalation of Windows and eM Client

After performing a clean installation of Windows which necessitated erasing eMC and backing up its data, I am now unable to activate the new copy of eMC which I downloaded.  I can’t get past registration.  I get a message saying that the registration is being sent but it never appears. I’m at a dead end and urgently need to activate my email account.  Please help me resolve this…

If you have not received your activation key, you can have it resent to you from the eM Client website.

Enter the registered email address at https://www.emclient.com/lost-activation-key

While the eM Client application is present, it is “locked”, i.e., it will not receive, send, or otherwise allow me to do anything so I would not be able to access it if it were sent to me.  How do I get past this problem?

Access your email using the web interface for your provider.

sorry if this seems stupid but how do I access the web interface, tried going to emclient.com but only offers the download. thanks

What more can I say Chris?

You can access your email using the web interface for your provider. Oh, I already said that.

If your email address ends in @gmail.com, go to mail.google.com and login to your email account. If your email ends in @outlook.com, go to outlook.live.com and login to your email account.If your email ends in @yahoo.com, go to mail.yahoo.com and login to your email account . . . . . . . . . etc.

Gary, thank you very much!  I’m up and running now.  I should have realized that going out to the server was the answer.  Also, thanks to the eMC staff for sending me the activation key.