Unable to use a distribution list. An error saying "Invalid To recipients" is preventing me from sending the email

I cannot send an email using a distribution list as the recipients. I continue to get an error message saying “Invalid To recipients” when I click the send button.

This happened to me also, the problem was that one of the recipients did not have email address specified.

You can display the email addresses in the list by pressing the small cross in front of it.

As a result of one person without defined email the list looked like this:

email1; email2; ; email3; email4

Note that there are two semicolons at one point. If you delete one semicolon manually you will be able to send the email.

This is actually a bug sort of.


Thanks for reporting. It was fixed and it will be available with the next update.

The problem is back with the last update.

Can you please describe your problem more or send some of the problematic emails to [email protected] with reference to this topic?