Unable to upgrade to emclient version 7

I have been using emClient version 6 (free version) for some time now and really like it.

I attempted to install version 7 and, although the installation gives no errors, version 6 remains and version 7 is not installed.  I then attempted to uninstall version 6 via control panel (Programs and Features) and then attempted to install version 7 again but result was the same.

I then hard deleted the C:\Program Files (x86)\emclient folder and all subfolders and then again did the de-install followed by the re-install but version 6 is the only version that remains and all of my folder and email data was still there (without a re-sync).

I would really like to try version 7 but I am not able to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am running Windows 10



Hello Kevin,
this is indeed a strange issue - is there any error message during the install?
Any confirmation window that needs to be approved?


No, no error message and no confirmation window.

I am in IT as well so hopefully I didn’t miss anything obvious :slight_smile: