Unable to sign in to set up account

Have just reinstalled Windows 8.1 and have also reinstalled eMclient, put in my gmail address and password so the account will get set up using this window:

Then I see this: 

So I click allow, and it takes me back to the first screen, asking me for my password again. So I repeat the process and it continues to revert to the screen asking for my password, over and over again.

I have just downloaded and installed the eMclient software and the version # is 6.0.23181.0.

So I’m unable to get beyond these screens and set up my gmail account. The password is absolutely correct. Any ideas?

Hello Neil,
please try running this release > http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.234… < as it has some of the google authentication fixes and see if the problem persists.

Best regards,

OK, downloaded and installed that version and hey presto, it works! Thank you!

hi. I have the same problem. tried installing v6.0.234… still have the problem. Any ideas.

Is it the same problem or do you have any additional errors popping up? Im afraid that if this release didn’t help I can’t really help you without more information.

Best regards,

exact same problem. previous release worked fine with windows 8. after upgrading to windows 8.1 this problem came up. cannt get by google login just keeps repeating for password.

That is very strange indeed, are you sure you’re typing in the correct password? Do you have javascript enabled in your browser and IE? Other than that I’m afraid I don’t have any more tips at the moment…