unable to set up pop account

eM Client via auto mode set up email account as IMAP.  I’ve always used the account as POP. I have been unable to set up the pop account using the settings I always used.  Is the problem that IMAP and POP can’t be set for the same server at save time? I wanted to test the pop before deleting the IMAP.   I/m seeking to store the emails on the local computer. Thanks.

Don’t use “Automatic Setup”.  Instead choose “Mail” and select “Other”.  This will allow you to enter the correct POP3 server info.  I see no reason why you can’t have both, although I have not tries it.

thank you so simple when you know how!

One of my 2 Pop3 Accounts suddenly stopped working in EmClient (after several years working OK).  Changed the password on the web-mail OK (where all the missing emails appear OK) but when I tried to delete and re-create the miscreant account in eMClient 7.1.333101.0, it won’t let me, repeating Login/Password incorrect, despite using the same credentials Ok on the web-mail.  Tried all sorts including Diagnose and Fix - no use.  Any clues appreciated!

If the security policy in the account settings is not correct, the server will not accept the password, even if it is the correct one.  Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and click on the POP3 tab. Make sure the port is 995 and the security policy is set to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

Some services like GMail also require that your Google settings are enabled for less secure apps in order to use POP3.

Thanks for the prompt reply.  I have tried multiple options, including your suggestion, but all get the same answer despite it working fine on WebMail!  Also, SMTP works OK on  EmClient , but not POP Incoming.   Also2, my “other” email account works fine on In=110 “use SSL/TLS if available” but the “miscreant” mail account won’t have that either.    Can’t get hold of TalkTalk LiveChat (Busy) but even if I did they will say it’s EmClient’s fault!  Any other clues appreciated - no hair left to tear out!

Usually if SMTP is working but not POP3, then it is because of the anti-virus application. Try disabling that and the firewall and try again.

Hi again - No Go.  Switched off AV and Firewall both - closed and re-started EmClient - tried multiple settings all the same neg result.  Would it help to re-boot the pc?

Shouldn’t make a difference, but can’t hurt to reboot.

There are a few similar questions on this forum concerning TalkTalk, but I have not seen a definitive solution. Maybe the users are just so overjoyed when it does start working again that they forget to give feedback. :slight_smile:

Could be time to change provider. 

Like your last suggestion but it’s such a p.i.t.a. to notify “the world” - will try re-boot first - wish me joy!

Well - re-boot = no go also.  Quick fix (for now) is to set auto-forward in Web Mail for all incomings to account 1 to go to account 2 - that way I should at least see them in EmClient.  If I ever get hold of TalkTalk Live Chat I’ll have to see if they have made any changes that have affected users OR (dreaded!) have to delete the email address and create a new one! (Again!)  What a life! Don’t hold your breath - thanks for your efforts anyway.

Latest update!  Finally got hold of TalkTalk Live Chat but all the chap there kept doing was repeating the scripted questions (and settings) - so no help there!  I know it’s 995 but why does one account work on 110 and No Security when the other account doesn’t work at all?  Answers came there NONE!  What a very frustrating day - may be it’ll rain soon!

Latest Update x2 - Spoke to TalkTalk (on t’phone this time) and asked what my contract end date is/would be and what the break penalty would be.  Duh! £13 a month for 13 months - so no thanks.  And by the way “why do you want to leave?” - let me put you straight thru’ (free call) to Tech Support.  Did that and still could not find an answer despite 1hr 5 mins checking everything we both could think of!  So, the outcome is (my thought) my not-working (on EmClient) TT account has somehow become corrupted, so create a new TalkTalk account.  Did that and it works lurvely. In Port = 110 (auto-set) , Security “Use SSL/TLS if available”.  So, amended the email forwarding from Account 1 to Account 3 and Robert’s your father’s brother - innit!  Signing orf now - done enough today!

And it didn’t even rain!