unable to set up google gmail account on eMclient. It says my credentials are wrong, but they are correct. please help

Unable to set up gmail account on eMclient.

They seem to have a lot of issues with gmail accounts. I am constantly getting errors saying my mail is not sending or receiving and I know my gmail credentials are correct.

Hi, are you using the two step verification option with your Gmail account? If so, please make sure to generate an app specific password for use with eM Client, navigate to your two step authentication settings and use the generated password to setup an account in eM Client.

If you’re not using the more secure option to authenticate with your account, you may be forced to enable this option, https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps in your account settings to enable standard authentication with your gmail password.

We’re currently working on an upcoming update which will feature an improved way for use with google accounts, OAuth.