Unable to set up Gmail account - no oauth pop up

Freshly rebuilt Windows 7 PC.
I have reinstalled em client and I am now unable to set up my gmail account.
I go through the process to add a new account. and never get to the screen where I input my password.
Following this webpage: https://www.emclient.com/em-client-with-g-suite
I go through the first 4 screens OK and then never get screen 5 - where I sign into Google and choose an account.

Before the laptop was rebuilt the em client was working fine with my gmail account. Up until 3 days ago when I installed an update to em client and it stopped sending or receiving messages.
Thinking I might have a corrupt em client I rebuilt the PC (reformatted hard drive and reinstalled Windows).

I have checked my IMAP settings in gmail. Imap is enabled.
I am able to access my gmail account OK via Firefox and Chrome.

Uninstalled em client.

Installed the earlier version of the client I previously had on my PC. This is version 7.1.32792.0
I had this version stored in my download folder from June 2018.
Em client is now working fine with gmail. Oauth pop up appeared straight away on first attempt to add gmail account with this version.

It appears that the latest version of em client is bugged and does not work with gmail on Windows 7 PC’s.