Unable to send new email

After updating Windows, when I go to send a new email, the new mail window does not appear. It populates in the dock but I cannot get the window to appear to allow me to send an email.

One option may be to uninstall eM Client, making sure not to delete the database directory when asked, then download and install it again from the Release History. See if that makes any difference.

Thanks for the help Gary! I was able to get the latest version which is great! Unfortunately, I did uninstall and reinstall but I am still having the new email window not appearing.

And you have added an email account to eM Client?

When I reinstalled it, my emails were already present.

Have you added an email account to eM Client?

I didn’t add anything to eM Client but my accounts were already there.

Well, unless you add an account to eM Client, you cannot send mail.

My accounts were already there when I reinstalled eM Client

Just a guess. Repair install? Go to add and remove programs see if that shows up? Windows update does mess up files files some time.

I did not, unfortunately, see a repair install on the add or remove programs page

Sarge is referring to your Windows application settings. In Windows 10 you can right-click on an application icon and choose Uninstall. That often takes you to the Control Panel, where right-clicking on the application can offer you the option to uninstall or repair. Been a while, so just writing that from memory.

But uninstall eM Client making sure not to delete the database directory when asked. Then download and install the latest version from the Release History.

Gotcha! I did try the repair and I have uninstalled and reinstalled from the release history, but I am still having issues with sending a new email.

Just a couple of ideas. Roll back update. Run program in incompatibility mode. Server settings. I have a fully updated windows 10 pro and zero issues. Start in safe mode.