unable to send messages to outlook.com

The main problem I had after installation was some sort of sync loop whitch eM client got into with m.hotmail.com. changing the server to sync with to outlook.live.com solved this. Email messages were being received eventually from outlook.com but the process was like running through treacle. Having sorted that out I now find that I can’t send any messages. I suppose that whatever settings were dropped into eM client for sending mail are wrong also, but I cannot find out how to change those manually. I am also getting some sort of server (500) error.
 Is there some means by which I can attach the log from this without posting it all in open text onto this entry?


Unfortunately Microsoft is phasing out the support of AirSync. To remedy this, please follow these steps:

In a browser, login to your account at outlook.com. If your mailbox has been moved to the new Exchange format, the top left corner will show Outlook Mail. If your account hasn’t been migrated yet, it will show Outlook.com.

If it shows Outlook Mail, you need to set up your Hotmail/Outlook/Live account in eM client as an Exchange account. To do this, go to Mail>Exchange. Be aware that eM Client can take up to 5-10 minutes to obtain the server details this way.

If your account hasn’t been migrated yet, you need to connect through IMAP. Go to Mail>Other, enter “imap-mail.outlook.com” and port 993 in the incoming mail server settings and “smtp-mail.outlook.com” and port 587 in the outgoing server settings. Press ignore when the setup attempts to diagnose server status. After you’ve done that, go to IMAP tab in your account page and set your security policy to “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”, then navigate to the SMTP tab and set your security policy to “Force usage of SSL/TLS”.


I am facing similar problem with my Outlook.com account… I am unable sending via SMTP… 
Error is:
“An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions”
What to do?