Unable to send email with attachment from eM Client to address alread set up in eM Client

I’ve been running the trial version of eM Client and am
really pleased with it with one exception. Occasionally I need to move a file from one device to another where the easiest way to do that is via email. So I send myself an email. However, when I try to do that from eM Client the mail sends – it gets moved to the Sent file – but never arrives. It does work if there is no attachment and it works from the browser interface for the email service (Outlook.com, GoDaddy). Is this as designed or am I doing something wrong? Thanks


James, if you have the same email account setup as IMAP or Exchange on the two devices, you should also have the same Sent folder on both. Is the sent message with it’s attachment not in both Sent folders?

The account I’m receiving from is in Outlook (IMAP) but the one I’m sending from is POP. I’ve got access restrictions on the receiving end and can’t set up all of my email accounts. I just added the Outlook to eM Client and sent it to the same email address. That worked. Must be a POP thing.