Unable to send email using verizon

I can receive email but not send. I have attempted to set up the account according to Verizon’s instructions. Verizon doesn’t support eM client.

Gmail works fine.


If you receive any error message please screenshot it and post it here.

Anyway please try to run Diagnostics in Tools - Accounts - your account - Diagnostics Tab, mark of SMTP click on “diagnose” and send them from Tools - Settings - advanced to galis@emclient.com.


Thanks so much for your excellent help!


I was happy to help you with your problem.

for everyone else experiencing “not sending email” problems with gmail, verizon or another email services using SMTP port 465.

You need to use “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”

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I just started using eM and like it but Have the problem of not sending -

Please follow this post if you’re experiencing issues with Verizon.

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