Unable to see personal Avatar

My brother and I both have eM Client 8.0.3385 (83a873c) and have set up personal avatars and we can see then if we send an email to ourselves, and avatars are visible when in Compose but if my brother sends me an email I can only see his ISP Logo. How do we configure setting please

Hi, are you using the conversation view? (Menu > Settings > Mail > Read > Conversations> show conversations in all views)

If he sends you an email, you will of course only see his icon, but once you reply to it in conversation view, you will see your icon in the reply.

you will of course only see his icon[quote}
problem is, I do not see his icon, I see his ISP’s icon, or a grey silhouette, or a coloured circle with his initials, depending on various settings

Oh sorry I misunderstood the question. If you go to Menu > settings > contacts > General > avatars is the “download avatars from external sources” option selected?

Otherwise, if he gives you the file with his personal icon, you can add it as the picture to his contact.

ok When you sent me your answer (thanks for the help and for persevering) your email shows a) the eM Client icon, and also b) your H Hope 777 icon. To me a) is the ISP while b) is your personal icon.

I would prefer to get rid of a) and promote b) to where a) is.