Unable to See Imported Contacts

I imported contacts from a .csv. I am told my Em Client that the import was successful.
But, I see no items in contacts folder. When I select the Contacts folder I get the following:

“This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed.”

Any ideas?


Hi James,
can you please make a screenshot of the issue?
When this message is displayed it usually means you don’t have the contacts folder open, if you are focused on the account, click on the dropdown arrow next to it, or double click the account, folders for this account should be then displayed.

Hope this helps,

I found an old thread I posted some time ago.

Seems I must have Local Folders checked, for some reason.
When Local Folders is checked in settings the contacts show up. When it isn’t checked they magically disappear.

Hi James, yes if you’ve imported the contacts into local folders you need to display local folders in order to view them.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. If I understand this correctly everything is working now?

Thank you,