Unable To See Email Replies

Hello. I am using the latest eM Client (9.2.2093) and am unable to see replies to emails sent from my “Exchange Web Services” account (I believe). I have to go onto my iPhone to actually read what was sent. Is anyone familiar with this issue? Please let me know. Martin

I noticed this error message coming from eM Client… what does it mean? Related?


If you see the sent messages in the webmail interface for that account, then it may be there is some error syncing the Sent folder with eM Client. You can right-click on the Sent folder in eM Client and choose Properties > Repair > Repair and that may resolve it.

The Prefetch error is a server error, but it shouldn’t interfere with normal use of eM Client. It means that when eM Client asks the server for data for offline use, the server returns an error. You can disable offline caching in Menu > Accounts> Exchange tab for the account.