Unable to Reply/forward - High CPU usage

Hi, I’m currently using EM Mail 5.0.18661.0 on my win 8.1 64bit. I’ve enable the option to keep the icon in the tray if minimized.

sometimes it happens that when i open the program and I want to reply to someone, the program just ignore my reply/Reply all/Forward click. The mouse Icon change for a second and it seems that it’s thinking of it… but then… nothing.

If I try to close the application (File–>Exit) and restart it, the application do not restart. If I take a look in the task manager I can find the process that it’s using 25/35% of the CPU.

I have to end the process and restart the application again.

Do you have any suggestion? Can I send you more information?


I did some more “clicks” … the only email the program is unable to reply to are the ones with pictures inside and the option “Download pictures. To preserve Privacy external content was not downloaded” is present.

The reply/forward option doesnt work, I tried to download pictures before replying or leave the mail without images.

Same result, no reply.


In my config setting I have “plain text” for email format and reply email format.

I changed the reply format in autodetect and now it seems to work.

Is it possible to keep the text format even when I reply to html mail?

I dont want to send HTML emails.



I’m very happy to see that in this release when you try to reply to HTML email and your config setting is to compose ALL email in plain text… it works.

I think we could consider this ticket closed.



I am sorry that I took me time to reply to this topic, but I am happy that our newest version helped you with your issue.

I have reported this issue to developers anyway, because it might be cause by something which is still presented in 6th version anyway.

with regards