Unable to receive new messages at eM Client - Gmail

Unable to retrieve any of my messages to eM Client, it shows at Gmail but not synchronizing at eM client, called Telus since they are my email provider, they turned on IMAP access and less secure app access on my email but still not working for eM client, they tried to change the ports but still no luck, they tried to open my email on other email client like Windows 10 Mail, it works, tried to send a test message to my self using eM Client it shows that it was not send whenever I open eM client but I received it already on Gmail.com, shows that it is the latest version whenever I tried to update the eM Client.

eM Client Version: 8.1.979 (65fd04a)
WIndows Version: Windiows 10 OS Build 19041.685

An option might be to remove the Gmail account from eM Client, then add it again.

Before removing an account, always make a backup using Menu > Backup, just in case.

@Cornelia.Don What are your Telus account settings in eM Client ?

Is this a Telus account, or a Gmail account?