Unable to receive new emails

I am unable to receive new emails, even though I am able to send out email. When I sent out an email from this site, I did receive a copy of it. I did update eM Client a few days ago. Would that have made a difference? Thanks for your help.

are you receiving any errors while trying to receive emails?
What version are you now using?

Also what mail service are you using?

Thank you,

No, I have not received any error messages, and there is no evidence that an email has been sent to the putnamferst@ffclga.org. I was able to send a message out, and I received emails for the undeliverable mail.
I’m not sure what version I’m using…where would I find that? An update message popped up a few days ago and I just clicked on it to update. The email address on eMclient that is not receiving the emails is putnamferst@ffclga.org. As you I can tell, I’m a little technologically challenged. :slight_smile:

Hi, you can find the exact version number in Help > About,
so if I understand it correctly the issue is just with one (or several emails), that you are not able to send?

Thank you,