Unable to perform file backup.

When I try to perform a file backup I get the following message: “Backup director 'C:\Users\Owner\Documents is not accessible, backup cannot start. Please set the available location in the Settings dialog.”  I’ve done that but when I try to perform a backup again I still get this error message. Help!

Hi Gary,

Are you logged in as Owner ?
Do you have security software running that prevents you from accessing your own Documents
via a  program ?

Looks like a permission problem.
Did you create the eM Client Backup folder in your Documents?

Actually not a good location - If you have an OS or drive failure,
you could lose your backup - unless you made a copy of the backup
and keep it outside your system drive


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your comments.  I am the Owner.  I do have security software but I don’t know why it would be preventing me from accessing my own files.  Regardless, I set up an eM Client backup folder on a thumb drive, ran the file backup and it executed perfectly, so I’m all set.  Thanks very much for your help.


It could also happen if there is not sufficient space on the C: drive. As far as I know, to do a backup you need at least double the size of the database, even though the zip file will be less.